Top hot Korean girl today 2018


DJ Soda is actually Hwang So-Hee. This girl is very hot and attractive no less than any beauty in the entertainment Kbiz. DJ Soda always receives great attention from public not only in Korea but also in many Asian countries. Youtube and Instagram have over 4 million followers. DJ Soda is known as the "sound witch" of Korea, her music is funk and hip hop.

Top hot Korean girl today 2018

2. Yu Han

Yu Han is a sexy hot girl in Korea with a super round one made a beard stunned. Yu Han caused fever throughout Asia because of the most vicious natural round in Korea and the whole continent. This hot girl was born in 1995 and is living and working in Seoul. Yu Han has identified himself as Asia's # 1 natural-looking girl and frequently uploaded photos to social networks to prove it.

3. Somi

Somicó's full name is Ennik Somi Douma, born in 2001 in Canada. Her father was a Dutchman and her mother was a Korean. Although she was only 17 years old, Somi possessed a mature beauty by bringing in her two Koreans and Canada. Somi's face is elegant and sharp, with the height of his peers, which made him the "next generation" of Kbiz.

4. Kim Sae

-sae Kim Sae-ron is a Korean actress, she is known for many roles. Kim Sae Ron has been in the movie scene since the age of 9 with "A Brand New Life." Now, Kim Sae Ron has become one of the most popular actresses in Korea. Kim Sae Ron is very good at making cute face.

5. Xiyeon

Xiyeon's real name is Park Si-yeon, known as a singer, dancer, rapper. Xiyeon was born in 2000, is one of the most prominent members of the new girl group Pristin. Xiyeon owns the same beauty and beauty of the beautifull audience to overwhelm the audience.

6. Nancy

Nancy was born in 2000, carrying both Korean and Irish blood. Currently, Nancy is a member of the group Momoland, although her group is not really a phenomenon, but she is still receiving much attention from the media and the audience thanks to her beauty. The beauty of the beauties makes many people think of the Greek goddess. Nancy is expected to become one of the "beauty wall" of Kbiz in the future.

7. Cho Eun Hyung

Cho Eun Hyung was born in 2005, although she is still young, but she is well known for her acting skills and beauty is considered to be the next step beauty of beauty. Korean cinema in the future. Despite her young age, the hot girl born in 2005 has a strong foothold in the audience of Kbiz.

Park Su Yeon

Park Su Yeon is a hot model in Korea. Park Su Yeon possesses long legs and a beautiful face. Currently she is the face representative of the brand Onty.

9. Son Ju Hee

Son Ju Hee Although she is considered beautiful, her face is pretty generous and makes it hard to remember.

10. Son Yoon Joo
Joo is known as a model. This girl is called "the most beautiful Korean social network."

Here is the article about the most popular hot girl in Korea today 2018? Hope this article will help you know more hot girl in kimchi country. 

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