Miss Do My Linh in France

Miss Vietnam participates in fashion show for the new collection of designer Hoang Hai is within the framework of Cannes 2018 film festival.
Miss Do My Linh in France

Miss America has just appeared in France to showcase the collection of  Cannes stars of the designer Hoang Hai. In the photo, Do My Linh shows the shape in a penetrating design in the collection. The details of the link contribute to the beauty of the beauty.
Do My Linh has a close relationship with the designer Hoang Hai. Despite her busy schedule with Miss Vietnam 2018, she still arranges time to France to attend his brother's show. This is also the first time beautiful people to France as well as beautiful Cannes city.
Lead Miss strides as role model of the collection. From time to time, beauties perform at a fashion event to train their brains and demeanor on the stage.

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