Top 10 most beautiful girls in Vietnam as angel

Hot girl is not less but the most beautiful girl in Viet Nam has just as angelic talents are not any her own. You will surely be jealous of the part that tilted the water into it.
Tram Anh 

Standing in the top of the most beautiful girls in Vietnam you can not ignore hot girl Tram Anh. She is known as Ha Thanh girl who owns a nice face and became famous for her ability to study well, multi-talented after she entered the Institute of Journalism. Especially after the love affair with Justa Tee made her stand out and famous in the showbiz.

Tâm tit

Tam tit  is one of the  beautiful girls 9x  is well known in the showbiz world. She is known as a multi-talented girls as capable as JV, singer and plays the movie very well.

Reported by a Chinese newspaper as the most beautiful girl in Vietnam Bao Tran absolutely deserves the title is praised by everyone. She famously stepped into a model with a height of 1m70, faces endearing and fresh, cute help her be successful and people love affection in the industry.

Chi Pu

Surely you can not ignore Chi Pu as the princess in 5S Online. She is famous for her cute and cute face with this role. Beauty in the bright and loving face is loved by everyone.

Chi Pu is not only known with such images but also  beautiful girls sing  or attract in the showbiz. Although Chi Pu was popular with some music videos, it was popular with everyone.
Khanh Ngan
Khanh Ngan is a hot girl who is famous for her good boxing skills and has no hot girl in the field. Especially possessing the perfect face to every detail she made ecstatic and passionate guy when glancing at first glance.

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