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Chinese name: 范冰冰
- English name: Fan Bing Bing
- Born: September 16, 1981
- Weight: 52kg
- Height: 168cm
- Blood type: B
- Interests: dancing, watching movies, sleeping
- Favorite season: Fall
- Graduate: Shanghai Drama Academy
- Place of birth: Qingdao, Shandong Province, China
Place of residence: Beijing
- Talent: dancing, playing the piano, playing flute, skating and singing
- Languages: Mandarin (Chinese), English, Cantonese dialects
- Your view of your personality: open, active
- The philosophy of life: If you put all your energy into your work and do it with care, you will succeed.
- What to do when there is sadness: Go to a place that is high, see people walking, work to feel about life.
- Idol: Leonardo Discaprio, Liu Xiaoqing
- Arrange people in your heart: family, lover, friends
- Occupation: Singer, Actor, Model
- Favorite food: Trà Chanh, ...
- Favorite Sports: Horse Riding
- Nickname: Bingbing Baobao
- Zodiac: Virgo
- Favorite Love: Tomorrow
- Favorite Animals: Cats, most hated snakes
- The most satisfaction about my body: The eyes

Fan Bing Bing

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