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Elly Tran's birth name is Nguyen Kim Hong, a famous model and actress of Vietnam. Owning a height of 1m68, measured three round 88-58-90, Elly Tran was considered a sex bomb of Vietnamese entertainment. In 2012, her hot girl breast also received the "Best TV Actress" award at the Golden Kite Film Festival.

As a kid, Elly has enjoyed the arts-related activities. After graduating from high school, she decided to enroll in acting studies, but because her parents objected, Elly did not want her daughter to be an actor. at a university. In 2009, Elly Chen was created by a younger brother for an account on the Yahoo 360 blog. With articles and photos showing a sexy elimination of Elly Chen, has attracted attention for advertisers and directors. And Elly Tran has stepped into the modeling world, the actor sailed smoothly. Initially Elly Tran became an ambassador for Netgame Asia in the company's new game after winning the "Thục Sơn Kiều Nữ" competition. After that, she became the only Vietnamese to reach the Top 99 list of sexy women of Askmen.com, next to the top stars of Hollywood. December 2010, Elly Tran was invited to Thailand to model the ads for car manufacturers.

Although not married, Elly Tran has two lovely daughters are Cadie Cara and Alfie Tuc Circuit. Recently, this beautiful woman has posted on her personal page an 8 minute video, about the corner of her life. Through this video, the audience became even more aware of Elly Tran, and there were many who were moved by the news of her real time. While there are many who claim that Elly Chen is a well-off, no need to worry about money, just stay home to look after and raise your children, in this 8-minute video, She shared about staying up early to make money for the future of her two daughters. Elly says that although she is tired, when she sees her children growing up every day, it is the happiest thing for her.

Film was:
Lady in the Kitchen 2012: The Single Motherhood 
2012: The Green Bellflower 
2011: Ghost School 
2011: Sai Gon Yo! 
2011: Aspiration upstream 
2011: Pearl 
2010: That Sounds Good - Rao Song Khon Sam

Elly Tran - New pic

Elly Tran - New pic

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