Diem My 9x

In launching the new image Valentine's Day, Mai market of "America's Next" evolution sexy and seductive deadly efficient with fabric costume.

On the occasion of Valentine 14/2, Ms My Pictures launched 9X gifts for those "lonely hearts". She has the top 8 of the universal jump experiencing first night of competition of the year with the Horse Armor rock music topics. My dancing skills Diem increasingly convinced the jury and conquered the hearts of the audience. 
Ministry of photograph titled "A little too sexy" by photographer Bobby Nguyen implementation is inspired from a verse in the song all naughty bitchy me Sexy female singer Tata Young.
This time, the Mai's America's Next unexpectedly bold makeover show off those curves energetic charm, attracted viewers.
The hands "witch" Bobby photographer, a U.S. 9X capital is known for its bright face seemed hard to Metamorphosis becomes sensual and seductive edge "deadly".
Photographer Bobby Nguyen said: "My point 9X, do not open too much, just a little bit sexy, a thin skin coat, a glancing eyes ... is enough".
The message of the picture "A little too sexy" is the sexiest woman to love her body. Then you will shine despite waking up with the clothes, sports wear or when to look hot dresses cocktail party.
In this photoshoot, Ms My 9X surprised the audience with daring skimpy outfits, cutting audacious leaned even lingerie.
Young actress showed off a round vibrant stretch mesh beneath the thin shirt.
2013 can be considered a successful year for the actress 24-storey pink skirt as she consistently score in the eyes of fans with the image of a young artist versatile and flexible in many areas.
Phóng to
Ms My contest is the universal jump in 2014 and are the experts and the audience appreciated. However, this year, opponents are very strong, so the chance of the beautiful deep 9X is still a lot of challenges.
Photography: Bobby Nguyen 
Make up & Hair: Kuny Lee 
Stylist: Thien Thanh 
Assistant photographer: Nod Le

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