Diem My 9x beautiful sunny day

Actress' America's Next "to impress people by face images in bright, light and fairly simple.
Diem My 9x beautiful sunny day
At the present time, Diem My 9x is one of the prominent young actors of Vietnamese cinema. She has a role in pretty much hand impression through the film and television as Paradise Wedding, vibrant summer, Miss Cinderella, Prophet 99, 24th floor dress pink, America's Next ... In the time to try this, not less phen FTU student must "sacrifice for art" with the sensitive scenes. But Ms My said she is always ready if the support received from the audience and his sacrifice is essential to the product.
Totally different on screen, in real life, Ms My 9X is pure oriental girls. The actress is not too picky with what celebrities have to use the brand name. She was driving a small car was bought with money from savings and the role of the outfits usually gentle, simple.
Even in makeup, Diem My 9x also choose to make-up light, clear. This trend is also being hit by many stars like Yoon Eun Hye Asian or Suzy (Miss A) selection.
Ms My 9X confided, the make-up gently help her show is fragile, innocent and youthful fit twenties. The beautiful 24-story pink dresses usually also takes more Loco 5 minutes to makeup for just a layer thin enough make-up radiant all day.
Ms America has the advantage in round eyes and bright smile. So she always take advantage of this advantage when performing the fashion figure as well as in the advertising shoot ... There was a time, she was often listed as the artist dressed in dark-sen, rustic. But recently, Ms My geared towards simplicity, lightness should get more points for goute fashion community.
Recently, Ms My name is often mentioned together with the lack of relationship in the Sai. However, the actress does not get excited when the press interest, inquiring about her boyfriend.
Beauty once shared: "Public sentiment is not paying attention to his audience than that I just wanted to share with those who are interested in her. Calculate sad every time I want to hide, and only at home" autism "with 4 walls but prefer funny statement to the world about his pleasure '.
Phóng to
Besides acting, Ms My 9X also just try the theater. English drama relationships dangerous (Dangerous Liaisons) has good feedback, especially with foreign communities and language lovers. Directed by Jaime also praised her acting skills, the ability to speak English and work attitudes. In 2014 the Diem USA will continue to try to project the film's young director.
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