Profile Model Teen, Hot Girl Andrea

Model teen Andrea born in 1995 at the height cm and 172 cm, Andrea did not have such good shape that the possibility of her Vietnamese very fluently.
Full Name: Andrea Aybar Carmona
Date of Birth: 07/24/1995
Nationality: Spain
Secondary School Students Chu Van An, Ha Noi
Hobbies: watching anime, reading manga, traveling, singing

An, the Vietnamese name is Andrea Aybar Carmona letters in the word Security Safe.Vietnam to the age of 7 with three and younger brother, now An would have said Vietnamese as mother tongue. In addition to native language is Spanish, An also use English language proficiency for school work.
Andrea was able to transform the camera, the picture that Andrea can shoot out hard and long legs with any other.
Beautiful girls, great ride this out activities in the field of modeling, fashion also served as MC for a number of popular TV channels in the country.
Some teen An image model:
Profile Model Teen, Hot Girl Andrea

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