Ngoc Trinh stand between orchestra star thanks perfect body

Beauty continues to promote the advantages of perfect measure of body-hugging skirt to reveal pale skin and smooth body.

BGK role model program search New Face for search Vietnam representative sample of participants Llien Asian Model Festival in Korea, Ngoc Trinh appearance attracted the attention of the media and invited guests crowded .
This time, the queen'' y'' quite selecting exquisite costumes and equally sexy. She always skillfully demonstrate the ability of choosing the right dress and promote body strength. Design blue and white tones combined body-hugging fit and perfect appearance, religion and whiter skin. Ngoc Trinh became highlights for the duration of the program takes place.
The beauty of using the familiar posture shape.
Costumes help her elegant self-confidence during the program takes place.
Thai Ha equally striking with bold costumes cropped at the chest. Design colors are pink background wanted.
Huyen Dieu choose outfits penetrating personality and edgy makeup.
MC Huyen Ny impressed with the design printed skirts cradling spread very luxurious and class. Beauty increasingly asserted exquisite fashion sense.
Minh Thu runner gentle with short skirts, muted tones are very loving.
Women's runner breeze through photos Lingzhi slim waist design with muted tones, wide collar sexy.
'' Boss'' Vu Khac Tiep Venus and long-legged frame.
Le Thuy Diem confidently My next sister.
The 3 judges announced the results before.

Miss Ngoc Han served as MC program.
The selection took place last night 24/10 has been selected as the newcomers Vo Canh, Nhiko Dinh Quoc Huy, Le Thuy, term, Hoang Thi Lam.
Model Le Thuy will represent Vietnam to attend the Asia Model Festival in South Korea for 1 month.
The model was awarded the honor for the trip to Korea at the festival.
Huyen Dieu Hiep Manh and was praised for the achievements, efforts during the past year.
Phóng to
7 representatives of Vietnam was initiated in the name of the program.
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