Ngoc Quy - between fall with dramatic blue tones style

With mild sunny weather, rain and wind in the afternoon, then you should prepare yourself for the contingency items like coats vest, jumpsuit, skirt letter A. Costumes should also have denim in your closet, additional accessories such as boots, bracelets large tables, pocket portable plastic box shape, square glasses big table. The same view Ngoc Quy - the most beautiful long legs of the current model of the Vietnamese set impressive map collection. The vest type jacket borrowed boyfriend made menwear style for young girls. T-shirt printing has never cooled down, you can use this item to a combination of autumn brought more. The appearance of skinny pants and boots, 2 featured items for fall. A little Vintage to set map becomes sweet polka dots. Containers with embroidered details of cats being Asian girls love. Enough of costume jewelry and blue tones background beauty wanted more. Ruffle dress and shrug spread of breast feels fuller for round 1 of her "Kate Moss". Handbags and beautiful necklace accentuated effect. Material bold denim street where you can pretty quickly to the street. When you look denim outfit without much attention to cumbersome accessories. Personalize for croptop tutu and leg boots sole is rough. It's time to refresh yourself with glasses big square table. The jumpsuit hugging fit your body make more sense. Accessories leisurely float to an attractively set in blue. Click to enlarge The image is done with the help of Ak Ti Stylist, photographer Din Nguyen, Nguyen Phuc makeup, costumes Cute Store, Sam Boutique, RUCO. Nonsense According to Knowledge

Ngoc Quy - between fall with dramatic blue tones style

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