Kim Dung smoking with bare eyes, slim waist

Creator seems to have a bias for women when they are given to the ratio between waist and hips attractive that men can not look away.
Property slim waist is the dream, the female desire. Apart stretch round breasts and firm ass are slim waist, neat factor helps women become more attractive, interesting leads and more complete S-curve section highlights splendidly in the eyes of the boys. Besides, a slim waist hips side unwittingly blossomed create irresistible charm and extremely feminine in women. 
Body beautiful, with the same dream waistline acting experience somewhat for Kim Dung the many actresses in fashion photo. In addition to film work, attending fashion shows, the big names Kim Dung is always favored when choosing to promote BST many of the fashion designers name. 
In trendy outfits, and dynamic personality. Kim Dung has shown the diversity of acting with personality traits, rebellion. At the same time she was also showing off the physique standards with enviable waist in the first round shoot indifferent daring.

Kim Dung smoking with bare eyes, slim waist

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