Diem My 9x slender youth role

My real name is 9X Diem Vu Pham Diem My, she was born in 1991. With a height of 1m63, weigh 48kg and measure 3 rounds 82-64-90. Although not very dominant height as some long-legged Vietnam today, but in return, Diem My 9x own body balanced and round 1 sexy and attractive. Along with owning beautiful face, elegant, Diem USA is considered one of the favorite young actors today.
Besides acting, Ms My 9X also promote the participation of many designers BST Vietnam. Most recently, she has launched a set of constitutional design for fashion followers choose nice dress. In costumes sexy enough, Diem My full curves show the youth and swallowing sexy slim shoulders.
Diem My 9x slender youth role

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