Angela Phuong Trinh, Ngoc Trinh, Ly Nha Ky

At the first appearance in the event, Ngoc Trinh, Ly Nha Ky and Phuong Trinh Angela has attracted the attention of everyone. 
 At 19/10, the night of the first airing of the program star designers Vietnam , the happenings on the stage of this competition may have been "overshadowed" because of the appearance of 3 faces attract attention today:  Ngoc Trinh,  Angela Phuong Trinh  and Ly Nha Ky .

Ngoc Trinh  showing the entire back of the dress sexy chic black metallic. Angela Phuong Trinh gentle, feminine while wearing one long purple dresses. However hairstyle made ​​Phuong Trinh was older than my age. "Ambassador queen jewels" Ly Nha Ky has remained loyal to the style and the expensive brand name for the network rather fussy.
Angela Phuong Trinh, Ngoc Trinh, Ly Nha Ky

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