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MYNO, CANDY, Titus, PAGE MOON ... are names mentioned LOTS IN VILLAGE BY DJ fiery appearance PLAY IN THE SOUND AND ALSO pricey "NUMBER" DJ.
If the boys usually DJ personality to make his appearance with the female DJ, appearance is very important. A "banyan tree of" DJ Vietnamese village that had the girls do this job, beauty and talent to stand out, by visitors to these venues often hedonistic nature of entertainment, like watching the beautiful girl. And perhaps so that in recent years, appearing in Vietnam many female DJ with outstanding beauty.
This beautiful 9X DJ whose real name is Nguyen Thi Ngoc My. She is a female DJ in the "hot" today with house music with sizzling looks not lose any actor does.
Danny van Bakel, Dong Nai Club midfielder who has conquered the heart of this beautiful girl.He shared the players love him closer to Vietnam. After information was revealed about love, she increasingly popular and tight schedules. Outside of work, Ngoc My love taking pictures, shopping, listening to music. Reportedly, after retiring, Myno plans to open a fashion shop.

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Titus was very young but already well-known DJ in Hanoi with busy schedules in large halls.Her real name is Tran Thi Thuy Tien, motherless childhood, living with his grandmother and had to quit school at age 14 to study hairdressing Hanoi. Due to special circumstances pretty, young girl by herself as introverted and easily cry.
Currently, despite the busy work, but she still regularly send money monthly donation and enlist grandparents to visit every time. To prepare for long life, she plans to retire after the store opens catering business.
In addition to talent, the young girl possesses striking beauty quite like a hot girl.
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Mai Còi
Open University Faculty Graduate Institute of Biotechnology but passion has helped Mai Whistle music became one of the well-known female DJ in the capital Hanoi. She constantly appearing on the report and the many young people love.
Share the DJ profession, she said the biggest difficulty is the opposition of her parents and the walkway around the conference. But Mai still very passionate about the profession and continues to assert his name in the field of innovative audio electronics.
Ly Nhu Y (stage name Candy) DJ's own pretty face, cute smile and fascinated, but when standing on her floor music tune becomes strong and hard. Since childhood, Candy was passionate about music and love to learn the art form. Gradually, DJ music became a passion and stick with alluring Candy profession.
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Trang Moon
One of the other well-known female DJ in the world is Page Moon Young Ha. With a radiant smile, she was in contrast to young people a chance to love on social networks. She is also one of the female DJ is entitled to assess both beauty and talent to.
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