Vietnam's beautiful 'smoother' with emerald green colors

Thursday, 09/05/2013 00:00

(2Sao) - Vietnamese Any stars to wear emerald green are exuding beauty and beauty fascinated Elites.

Emerald green back in recent times and "storming" on the red carpet fashion, magazines, large and small events worldwide. The same trend catching and stylish vogue, many Vietnamese beauty of the skirt slave burst into emerald green colors to appear when blooming. Gam emerald green not only evoke a calm beauty easy, but creating a new town feeling happy happy, belief in a bright future as well as to dispel the gloomy atmosphere ... At the back of the overseas Vietnamese beautiful women fascinated with emerald green:

Mai Phuong Thuy where you turn on the red carpet not only by face but also beautiful 
emerald green dress designed split breasts and thighs that show off her full charm 
of the body. 

radiant smile along with the emerald green dress makes Tang Thanh Ha 
shines fresh and looks good on your rights in the fashion photo 
or life attended the event. 

bring exquisite beauty capital of the station, so the blue dress emerald, Linh Nga left 
the opposite eye as smoking. 

During the outing, or sea walk girlfriend can choose long flowing maxi dresses 
others as late as Wired singer Vy Oanh, you will truly beautiful more beautiful than ever. 

usually with brown skin as Miss Ngoc Han is very difficult to look emerald green 
by making it easy for her skin becomes darker. However observant Ngoc Han has 
 bright face makeup, along with her ​​select accessories for handheld color 
 bright yellow to make her more radiant. 

U.S. looks very tender heart and what was in the blue dress designer engagement sparkling stone 
neck, chest and waist. 

Nor need more fussy, just simple hair braided one shoulder, black bag and wore 
blue skirts of sun exposing shoulders dropping swallowing, Truc Diem who also 
have other before the start of her style. 

Diem Huong is a Vietnamese beauty in the popular emerald green. When they 
look her very gently, as it is very impressive personality. 

Huyen Ny confident pose attractive dresses emerald green Gucci. 

"calendar Queen" Ms My very chic and youthful with green dress emerald 
mist design.

Pham Vietnam

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