Thanh Hang strange personality with plaited hair

ge, Thanh Hang made people pay attention

As ambassadors of technology products, Thanh Hang appear in 
 a dress designed exclusively for you. Each participating 
event, "long legs 1m12" always knew how to make her stand out 

is not a fussy gown, simple colors with accents at the shoulders and spread 
 floating below. With this style not everyone can wear beautiful, 
 but with high stature, slender with long legs full of dreams, 
 Thanh Hang is very nice to look up their dresses 

Especially hair braided behind that bar Every personality has 
remained strong, but also very charming 

At age 30, still young and beautiful Thanh Hang flawless radiant 

In between events, Thanh Hang stand out with its height 

foreground from plaited hair back of Thanh Hang
Trang Dao (Photo: PK)

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