Ngoc Trinh - beautiful white

"Queen of Internal Medicine" always know how to choose clothes white highlight more light skin, smoothing her.
Since owning swallowing dropping bright white skin, Ngoc Trinh have many advantages in choosing costumes. Whether black dress, orange dress, jade green blazer or any color that ... Ngoc Trinh are also striking and seductive.
With white gram, if not look very smart "home." Ngoc Trinh know how to choose g white costume design simple little detail seems to be the fashionable and hot curves flatter yourself.
Once the wings of white, Ngoc Trinh lipstick often choose bright colors such as red bordeaux sweet, bright red, orange, yellow, pink lotus. Accompanied by accessories bags, sunglasses, belts and stylish shoes. Long black hair styles have a role to help keep the image more prominent part Ngoc Trinh charm.
Along the way look very smart and white gram of "substances" of Ngoc Trinh.
Ngoc Trinh Type drop down the street with white jumpsuit religious lovely hair designs, skillfully combined with a belt and bag big size and grams of sweet orange.
Area of ​​pristine white dress, Ngoc Trinh cleverly built dolls adorable pictures with hair braids, lotus pink lipstick.
The white side of the gym simple but extremely sexy.
Ngoc Trinh showing body in white lingerie shoot.
Airport Style fascinated by her. Shoulder white dress late crown charm, youth for Ngoc Trinh.
One of the "play" dress white matter of Ngoc Trinh. The mere beauty of pants, shirt croptop showing bare back and slim waist with cleverly mix bags, belts g pink highlights.
Ngoc Trinh "shining" city on a white accents.
Portrayal of the iconic "princess" dress white with beautiful wreaths.
Jumpsuit drop shape soft breeze wasp.
Style her favorite white porcelain: white tree showing waist area, combining bags - accessories striking colors.
Ngoc Trinh "in touch" with Lijuan jumpsuit.
Choose the white dress elegant black ribbon, Ngoc Trinh showing feminine smart, sweet.
Ngoc Trinh swallowing designs in romantic wedding photo shoot, fly.
Choose patterned white tunic, soft material hugging designs, Ngoc Trinh showing pristine charm.
White Bikini highlight more radiant complexion of the "Queen of Internal Medicine".
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