Diem My 9x such beautiful gentle muse August

Gently in the last days of summer, the first collection with floral or polka dots or mixed between single color tone fresh momentum, Diem My 9x gives you suggestions for what can not be ignored on the streets.

Do not stand by as the sample height catwalk, but Diem My 9x was heavenly 
endowed with beautiful face and the standard curve. 

area textured floral skirt to design, cut cup, press the swing more dirt on the chest, back Hair tufts help light 
breeze Ms My ingenious ergonomic shoulder with sexy round 1. 

"An Fuels creative director" of the Red Skirts 24th floor makes super fans heart 
by grace, feminine 

floral dress with A body gently pleated skirt, waist belt accent 
is suggested for girls who like a little light in the last days of summer. 

classic drop straight hair, Diem My take is the spring focus for you girl on Thu 

9X long limbs flying in the gentle tutus pink polka dots 

 cloth material provides lightweight fly lovely comfort for the wearer. 
these days, you can combine the dress with a wide-brimmed hat to shade 
and a little leisurely grace. 

With pleated in the chest, c HIEC dresses bring out the feminine tone momentum girlfriend 

in 2-wire dresses by a little momentum operator hit dirt before breasts, long legs 9X 
include heart arrhythmia caused by the subtle gap. 

Designs empty dress with polka dots pattern will no longer monotonous when combined with ribbon border 
where another color tone collar accents momentum, roof Hair had made ​​a difference stylized Ms My 
workplace is extremely elegant. Small dot 
to feel slender figure flattering
the wearer
 to more dot.  

Combine 2 simple black and white color contrast, but she was still very soft and elegant by 
design stylized plus waist belt accent, mix together the bag 
containing the red out of personal belongings from his girlfriend also helped monotonous. 

Having the advantage of white skin, she is eating red colored outfits. Beauty is not an exception 
in this direction fashion when combined textured pencil skirt and crop top shirt 
showing an ant waist 

high waist jumpsuit is a wise choice to help the actress to fool 
people look, for longer legs feel real. 

Variable with hair tied to cultural differences, the U.S. Diem looks more youthful but no less sexy. 
above-knee peplum dress with classic colors to help balance the body curve, 
to 3 girls with her ​​plump and round 2, the peplum is the ideal choice. 

Sometimes her lovely fast chatter for picnics, but when combined 2 solid colors, 
black skirt with a red tone coat tone
 . weekend to work with orange skirt and jacket combination black armpit as well as Ms My bad choice for a girlfriend. actress "America's Next" show beauty "spotless "radiant with elegant white lace gown In the discreet white dress with a big smile that first half Diem My World "staggered" by streak innocent, naive teenage windy day with the incipient badger shirt collection nude color skirt and textures as well Diem USA is a perfect choice for her.

Loan Nguyen

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