Vietnamese beautiful star last week 2

Property forces large fan was an advantage great for Minh Hang, she has received support from numerous readers of Why Vietnam Beautiful. With 49% of the total votes, to win the Sao Minh Hang Vietnam 153 most beautiful week, much ahead of other candidates in the nomination table.

Invite readers to admire the beautiful Vietnamese candidates Stars of the week 154:

Truc Diem

Was not too hard to figure Truc Diem became the most shine at 
the red carpet of an event, the beauty inherent fragility, moderately bright smile 
and elegant dresses for her scoring enough in the middle of a forest beauty.

Ngoc Quyen

Model Ngoc Quyen is the outfit she should wear the beautiful are 
at a safe level, but with this pink dresses, but pictures do not turn 
out the beauty of it, but if you look closely it is indeed very subtle and stylish dance, 
bow at the waist to become the focal point of the dress, but such prices, 
Ngoc Quyen's hair is looking a little better than she would quotient.

Linh Nga

Nothing too much to talk about, with Russia Spirit, all compliments are becoming 
powerless against the splendid beauty of her.
Thao Trang

Thao Trang is a living proof that you can not be nice though it also 
can shine. Thao Trang is not high, the body is not perfect supermodel, 
but she knew fully exploit the advantages of a sensual woman, what's 
more important, it is the fate of a girl underground, which is not braced themselves 
up is going to be. Who will see the three images had to say, Thao Trang 
too beautiful, too sexy!


Colors and designs of the dresses are inspired pages 
of the lady right for you. Colors downs with motifs 
of leaves on the raw material is kept fixed form helped shape Hien 
Thuc add graceful and gorgeous. Indeed, the reality remains 
that she Beautiful - dance - Top
Diem Huong

Diem Huong is the man of showbiz, entering every image is a 
splendid appearance and exquisite appear. Diem Huong nice long talk when 
she cared makeup or dress look sexy showing off sexy curves 
deadly childhood most brilliant daughter.

Ho Quynh Huong

With vegetarian preferences, Ho Quynh Huong has regained stature too 
neat and toned, seems like the red dress trend is born dance 
to for her, every centimeter on the dress are a creative 
way billion rash, if it looks a bit fat she dresses seem chubby, 
a little longer when you lean back, the dress looks the least vitality.
Ngo Thanh Van

With stylized costume vest this pastel blue, again Ngo Thanh 
Van to keep confident style with the selection of the style every time 
out, dynamic look, she gently take a maximum when attend 
an event not too picky when it comes to red carpet regular.

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