Vietnamese beautiful star last week 1

Thanks to the splendid dress like ladies, Miss Ngoc Han won Why Vietnam most beautiful trophy 156 weeks. 38% of the total number of participating readers voted her the title of 2Sao favorite.

Invite readers to admire the beauty of the candidates even 157 weeks:

Diem Huong

With impressive style wig Manoah this soup looks so different Diem Huong 
strange and lovely, bright smile as the full moon makes more and more faces 
lit up, was a long-legged doll should be presented the glass to 
admire the thousands.

Ho Ngoc Ha

 Anh "aura" of the beautiful woman is always shining outside 
and always light up our confidence level unsurpassed. Ha Ho flawless beauty.

Thanh Hang

Whenever mentioning Thanh Hang, people have to recognize the fact 
that what you wear is a trend, with the charisma of a star, she is good enough 
to overwhelm the look of the most brilliant beauty While appearing the same 

Anh Thu

Anh Thu with beautiful fresh "trees" white, bright and elegant, the dress style spread 
this princess seems too perfect for UK Mail. She does not need to 
be too revealing new sexy charm from the fine cut 
health, and true results, what evasive or equivocal, the new ... sexy!

Tra Ngoc Hang

But red is made ​​in delivery but watch out sharp, with a dress 
pattern this commission, she was showing off the strengths of youth identity stature 
as full breasts, narrow waist, straight legs dropping swallowing. Returns as a bouquet of beautiful 
roses are the most beautiful and brilliant.

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