Three beautiful shades of Hoang Thuy top - Tra My - Thuy Trang

(2Sao) - The national tour of the U.S., the long legs of the Next Top Model including Hoang Thuy, Tra My and Thuy Trang made a beautiful picture with fascinating tunic.

With modern landscape architecture are monumental and magnificent in ground 
water flags, the long legs of Vietnam had the opportunity to bring the contrast 
up when you put on the beautiful ao dai Vietnamese woman. 

regard to long leg, to be put on the ao dai made ​​for a 
pretty indescribable feeling, the honor and cherish every moment shooting 
will bring the audience feel hard to describe the emotional contemplation by shooting shirt 
is not long as the image of the modern woman. 

Three girls three different shades, tones Tra light blue, 
Hoang Thuy seems right to bring quarter with brilliant bright yellow, the remaining Thuy Trang 
brings bright pink as spring blooming peach petals. 

hatched sweet smile on her lips when Hoang Thuy yellow ao dai of 
the Elites, p clothes and colors are taken from the coat of the secondary 
female noble and royal past. 

Blue skin very religious Tra My, she does not feel cramped or old 
age before blue ao dai This, moreover, is the evil daring high cut also 
brings youthfulness, modern look without damaging your tunic.

Photo: Paul Do 
Makeup, Costume: Vietnam Hung 

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