Nguyen Thi Ha - oceanfront conical

(2Sao) - The winning girl has the most beautiful skin of Miss Vietnam 2012 contest held recently spent free time after the competition before the U.S. An beautiful beaches of Da Nang.
 , Nguyen Thi Ha was his reward for the great day and calm, not busy with exams on one of the most beautiful beaches - U.S. Security of Danang.

The beauty of confidence Nguyen Thi Ha
The award is the most beautiful skin of GSM in 2012 and entered the top10 of the contest prizes are beyond the expectations of the original beauty of Thanh Hoa. Nguyen Thi Ha said after the competition, she had to be more interesting friends, to experience many interesting things, have fun, be sad, no suspense and the ultimate joy when her name was named for the finale, though not the highest throne.known, Nguyen Thi Ha will return as vice-room communications and completed an MBA group of educational institutions ibus - U.S. majors Business Administration. And beautiful people also consider participating in entertainment activities, but above the first return she will do some charity work to share with difficult lives ... The image Nguyen Thi Ha beautiful made ​​exclusively for 2Sao:

Charming smile of Nguyen Thi Ha slightly Beauty feel salty sea breeze whispered through taken lightly threaded through her ​​hair, beautiful people that were born in Thanh Hoa, Thanh Hoa in her hometown, also the sea and in the the last test day, thanks to the sea in Da Nang that midwives felt homesick and  relief when her birthday is between exam time Beautiful hand of a rowing boat nearby fishermen  are preparing Sea is Beautiful seaside relaxation and reading a few beauty magazines ...

Tuan Anh 
Photo: Su Thanh Tan

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