The way out to the deep color tone

(Zing) - If the bright colors, vibrant as possible to stretch full of vitality, and grass is a young woman to bring the calm color to a very sharp and mysterious personality.

Quiet does not mean monotonous. The full she can make her look impressive and unfamiliar with the pattern, the dirt at collar, sleeve or skirts. Especially the textures, patterns that are extremely innovative, bold and striking him on the deep color tone.One suggestion is to mix together white as white, which are easily combined with other colors.
Chocolate brown feeling warm and romantic. Short shorts will make her look extremely "sporty". Please suggest ways unique mix map with short skirts, trousers or velvet jacket with shoulder for her best friend and do not forget the cute included accessories to add splendor.
Rhombic textures but not new but will "cheat" a little bit tall for her "mushroom dwarf". Gray background which is great and will be fired if caught on the street buddies ton-sur-ton this.
Why do you not think that will combine deep color with bright colors, brilliant? Do not worry if being told "chameleon" because actually you are is a question to try smoking the curious eyes. The mix map, this is extremely simple, easy but also makes you very different from the usual style.
Pictures taken by photographer Houses DT and female teens familiar model: Ghost Chip, Sage and Noble Ly Ly.
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