Choose classic styles such as Tu Vi

(Zing) - U.S. entertainment industry of Vietnam has transformed into a lady of luxury, classic style impressed with some phase of modern fashion photo special.

Create a craze since the end of last year, early 2012, the suit, Peter Pan neck dress has proven to be attractive as well as dominate. In fact, with the fashion world like Peter Pan collar unquestionably. Type this round collar cut each storming into the early years of the decade posted 50/60.
 Hugging short dresses brighten the metal, floating point two side waist accents create gentle personality. With outfits like this, you need to use some accessories such as bracelets or neck to avoid monotony.
Offset shoulder short dress with cross causeway feeling flexible, slim the wearer.
 No gaudy colors, the food ideas between white and black colors skillfully created in design harmony, striking costumes. The girls will be hard to ignore this type of dress hints of the horoscope.
Images made with the assistance of expert makeup make-up Gia Tri, Nguyen Ling hair, dress I Style.
Stylist: Mun Nguyen
Photo: Rin Chen
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