Moc Chau last day through the lens reader

Not only famous for its vast tea plantations and dairy farms, Moc Chau was particularly attracted by the charming natural scenery. 

Visitors can cross to Moc Chau at various times to enjoy the natural scenery here, but dreaming is the ideal New Year season flowering plum and cherry blossom. Then the plateau as submerged in a white layer of smog, subtle and poetic.
Thung Khe Pass - a well-known landscapes of Hoa Binh and the pass is a gateway to Moc Chau.
 Each beam of light shining through the provision spread Pass
Overview of Moc Chau valley when the sun is soon to
Going forward, Tan Lap, the plum tree buds have begun to rise, hitting flowers, fruit
Five plum forest along the road to immense Close Wen makes people feel like you are lost in another world.
The green plum soaked in dew, but the intake of the yogurt helped ease fleshy and brittle.
Still the most pristine white ties improvements in Moc Chau Farm. Under cold weather, the rising branch reform is to catch the falling dew.
In view of the improving ties emerged white peach petals fade.
Just dig right here which is digging new planting France recently. Not many fields such as education, but each petal flanges training Moc Chau is very thick, smooth and healthy.

This much scenery was enough to Moc Chau became the number one destination in each of the northern spring.
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