Mix map streets for cold winter day

Faded jeans or jeans spill will contribute to more masculine outfit. In addition, the highlights as striped or dotted patterns on the clothes is a integral part if you want to show personality.

Not too fussy, but not too monotonous, how to mix this map is always the first choice for you, make sure never old-fashioned and very young. Let teen model selection map for Tung Tong style "dust" of the winter and "F5" for your style.
 Coats float format combines thin shirt or sweater inside is indispensable recipes for a chilly day, you can easily combine with other outfits such as jeans slick young and old shoes if you want high increase the well-being.
Or when the weather is "missing" colder at night, the quick solution is to add just a unique scarf.
Leather jacket with fur - more elegant and warm
According to Infonet
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