Mai Shiranui date back to "hot" than many

Pictures Mai Shiranui cosplay character in dates back to the level of "hot ball" superior to the past.

Ảnh minh họa
King of Fighter is one of the "tree" of the series resistance. The game has been extremely successful in the markets of Asia, especially the eastern region (Japan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia).

Voted the "Top 10 game beloved woman" to No. 4 by GameSpy organization, Mai seems to have confirmed his position in the entertainment industry as well as in our virtual world players.

Not only shine in the Game King of Fighters, Mai Shiranui female boxer is one of the protagonists bring success to a series of other fighting games SNK developed as Fatal Fury.

Next time, when King of Fighters XIII game was officially released, Mai Shiranui certainly will remain an important role not only in terms of content but also on the extent to attract ... male "gamer."

Having released a picture to help players "summer heat," the recently released SNK continues to roll out a different image with the main character is Mai Shiranui, but the "hot" has multiplied :

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