The interesting secrets about tourist cities in Vietnam

The interesting secrets about tourist cities in Vietnam

You will be surprised to not see a traffic light do in Dalat, or happily enjoy a quiet night when sitting at the first flickering lights at Tuy Hoa.

Saigon: The customer is always right
Saigon not only attracted visitors to the bustling and vibrant ....
But also in all the delicious dishes of the country ....
In addition to hundreds of attractions, discover the stories associated with, the various mysteries, or the total sugar structure works wonders, this land also hook the visitors in the attitude of customer service is always right. You can verify this at the travel agency, the service center or the consistency of water, from luxury restaurants to popular sidewalk.
The next highlight of this place is that you can enjoy all the specialties, the delicacies of all regions or countries with poor quality edge but not the much cheaper price.
Hanoi: Land of delicious dishes
The beauty of Hanoi that many people desire to come to ...
Song of the dishes is a major factor in the attachment to their feet ...
Ancient definition, clear mist romantic Hoan Kiem Lake, the chao you very gently by the leaves, the moss street, Hoan Kiem Lake turtle legend ... These are very personal point of making the ancient capital of the remote countryside who always want to return and live in that space and charm as well as many people to dream once arrived. But the day is just a holey was able to hang freely in Hanoi that many tourists come here after the fall feeling shortfalls and disappointments.
The plan chosen is the most "migrate" to other places such as Sapa and Ha Long ... but if such a hurry, you will not miss the opportunity to enjoy the delicious flavor and nowhere can you compare the area.These are fine marble items like yogurt, tofu noodles shrimp sauce, noodles, rolls, spring rolls, noodle fish Dao Duy Tu, Thanh Tri-rolls, cereal ...
Da lat - The city has no traffic signals
Dalat captivating visitors with dreamy looks of the city in mist.
If each of Dalat, in addition to the romantic look of the city flower, the more cold enough to coat thin coat plate, the wanderous of small slopes, the hill in the cool summer days, visitors will find reasonable interesting when one does not have any traffic signals, even at the very center of the city.
No lights, but this place has never happened jams the streets or the streets crowded as other cities. That part comes from the agricultural lifestyle of the majority of people here. Other reasons is that most roads are under the direction of the horizontal stab, not round off like in other cities.
Tuy Hoa: The city of light oil and coal

Tuy Hoa City visitors linger swallows the mysterious tower, MD Ganh spectacular ...
O Loan dish famous oysters, crabs or simply sweet light oil is the basket of eggs flashy fighting during the night.
If you wander a few nights in this city, you will easily recognize the presence of high density with the small oil lamp beside the husk happy duck eggs incubated upside, the coal-burning stove flowing, warm aroma of corn dishes Grilled present most of the streets or alleys of the city created a city of Tuy Hoa night as peaceful and gentle people here.
Do not be afraid to eat sitting on the curb, because you will waste the chance to experience the city from the most simple things. That smile of old when people stop, the animal sat on a small blow, factories collapse eggs enjoy hot, feel the deep aromatic, spicy fragrant knotweed in the salty breeze Sea gas, or grease the baking ear of corn is more leisurely strange little fish sauce.
Da Nang: All in one
Danang romantic unspoiled beaches ...
The clean pasture picturesque ...
And food fragrant warm, spicy flowing.
If a mountain Dalat, Nha Trang sea, Danang is just dreaming with Bana, just clear blue beaches, gentle Son Tra Peninsula ... here, you also feel the romantic look of the river running between the cities. The coffee wandering the streets at night or flanking the river, in the cold, beating the mosquitoes mouth waiting for a sign pop movement of the bridge turn first Vietnamese brand of Vietnamese engineers.
Besides the beauty of rivers, mountains, sea, this place is also charming you with the development of a city is developing a series of delicious dishes such as pasta cravings referred to as Ad, ends his pork roll, 3 kinds of tea "unique" ...

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