The hair tufts form beautiful girlfriend to a party

What she likes that bun she can learn the idea of ​​hair below the female stars like Taylor Swift, Nicole Kidman or Katie Holmes to look pretty at the party last year slightly.

Facial hair fallout of the beautiful actress Jessica Alba is very elegant
Meanwhile Kate Hudson to select the type of high bun at the top
Princess Taylor Swift is consistent with a low bun hairstyle
Rachel Weisz ponytail bun simple but very delicate and romantic
Supermodel Heidi Klum also shines equally troubled with hair tufts. The highlight on her face is the eyes are heavy makeup
Choose hair tufts, Nina Dobrev is not getting old but also young and beautiful as a princess
Bun hairstyle of Jennifer Lopez seems a bit fussy and complicated
Meanwhile, the beloved woman Katie Holmes Hollywood hair tufts of natural selection, but still very nice
If you do not like to expose the forehead, you can have bangs like Lea Michele
or Jennifer Love Hewitt
It must be very much love her dead dead tired hair tufts youthful personality of Debra Messing
While attending the banquet style a little bit more formal, you can choose smooth hair tufts of Scarlett Johansson

According to Infonet
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